Home News Will ‘Better Call Saul’ Continue to Help Albuquerque?

Breaking Bad began filming in 2007 in Albuquerque, a city long overshadowed in tourism by Santa Fe, its smaller neighbor to the north. Over the next six years, however, as the series showcased Albuquerque’s grit and high-desert beauty, the city became a star in its own right and an entire “Breaking Bad” economy sprang up.  But now, with the series over and filming concluded in April, the future is uncertain for the many businesses that have come to rely on the show for sales.

But there may still be home.  With the ‘Better Call Saul’ spinoff, they are hoping filming will remain in the southwest town.  Albuquerque Studios hasn’t yet been approached about the project, but it’s eager to land the show should production take place here — a subject of intense speculation among local residents and business owners.

The backdrop of the show will be Albuquerque, “so we expect it’s probably going to be filmed here,” Mr. Rauschenberger says.

Source: NY Times

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